We LOVE Congress!!!! We just

don't like most of its Members.

Is our W4C "indie candidating" a

 common sense way to help with that?

It IS when protesters spread the word:


Write-in votes give all of us in the 99%

maximum choices. Plus, write-in votes

are paper trails that cannot be messed

around with by rigged voting machines.




"Try as they might -- and they are ALWAYS trying very hard, they cannot shut us up...

In these ever more dog eat dog, divide and conquer & distract and conquer days, you know

that those who we count on to keep our democracy strong, too often don't. For example, they want us

to vote only for them they put on the ballot. Friends, that's like putting our heads in some lion's mouth,

and then having us being angry at that lion -- instead of ourselves! Time to break out of conventional

wisdom. Either their old voting ways or our new way. And you can easily do that with write-in votes!"


"The nation state as a fundamental unit of man's organized life has ceased to be the

principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting

and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state."


Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser for President Jimmy Carter,

who was known for being soft. However, not known for being a shill.


Even if not his words as now found all over the web 1 2  3, Ziggie would have said that long ago. So why would it

matter today? Because any such anti-Constitutional thinking leads to the kinds of Big Gov't/Big Biz overreaches

now putting many of our economic freedoms and other freedoms at risk, per this 1980 forgotten wise warning...


"Paul Ramsey, professor of religion of Princeton University and one of the nation's leading scholars in

the field of ethics, similarly argues that marriage and the family have been subjected to the "relentless

forces of an insistent atomistic individualism." Could anyone at the time of THE STATE IS NO SUBSTITUTE

(a Paul Revere-like Christian Science Monitor call-to-arms) have imagined how divide & distract & conquer in

the name of liberty could even lead to a redefinition of marriage! Is George Orwell's, "Slavery is freedom,"next?

How to stop that? Might a non-violent political-revolution via Write-Ins Are The New Sit-Ins now also be for you?




No Paine, No U.S.A. That's Just Common Sense.


Is not We4Congress using Write-Ins, not Ballots,

also a  heck of a lot of uncommon Common Sense?

And please note W4C isn't asking you for money.,

Instead, we are just asking you to beat the system,

one write-in vote at a time. And spreading the word.


We4Congress.US is a "citizen politicians campaigns" attempt to

contribute to remedying what Bill Moyers complains about here.

AND what the New York Times finally got around to exposing here.

Plus, this for those curious about how the heck things

got so awfully bad across ALL of our sacred institutions!




So, for just you who have stopped drinking the Red and Blue Kool-Aid;

and in the spirit of "liberty and justice" for ALL of us, not just the 1%:



In September of 2015, a political amateur and regular citizen named Yale S.Y. Landsberg

announced his decision to run for the Fifth Congressional District of Virginia. Just a symbolic

campaign for most of his friends, but a serious one for his family and others who know him well.


A few weeks later, having learned that there is no District residence requirement in Virginia,

Landsberg decided to run for Congress in all of Virginia's eleven Congressional Districts.

Certainly at that point, his campaigning blossomed into more than just some symbolic

campaign for a few of those who had gotten to know him better; an increasing number of

enthusiasts who had begun to see Landsberg's populist centrist campaigns as a state-wide,

very aggressive and hugely public-spirited call for DIY anti-Establishment political action.

However, while more walking than running for Congress, Landsberg hit several carefully

constructed roadblocks and pitfalls: Petitions for the ballot could not be signed before the

beginning of the election year no matter how much someone wanted to sign his petitions.

And once the 1000 signatures (with 50% extra for maximizing acceptance) were on his petitions,

  a fee of almost $4,000 per district was required as well in order to have his name on each ballot.

Does it have to be that way? Only if we continue to keep falling for the same business as usual rules that keep

giving us election cycle after election cycle the same old blue and red Kool-Aid dispensing shills and hacks.

And all of that leads to this...


Today, January 1, 2016, as there is absolutely no U.S. Constitution residence requirement per runs

for Congress, this quite late-in-life political revolutionary, who is inspired by the popularity of anti-

Establishment candidates, such as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, announces his No Ballot Needed

timely American Reformation decision to run for ALL 435 SEATS in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Laugh if you want to. Because as sure as hell does not freeze over, when not interviewing sex traffic

protesters -- and covering colorful photo ops such as this one on Charlottesville's Free Speech Wall,



most media pros will give W4C a laugh or two! However, folks. just take a moment to think about this:

Mr. Landsberg's admittedly unorthodox "Stop Complaining and Start Running" citizen politicians/

write-ins campaigning may have already begun achieving desired results if you have a sense of irony.

E.g., true to his reputation in Write-Ins Are The New Sit-Ins non-party circles as "Bernie's Hammer"

and as "Trump's Trumper", Mr. Landsberg has observed that Congressman Robert Hurt (VA-05)

recently announced an entirely unexpected decision to retire from his House seat at the end of 2016.

"Just 434 more Establishment incumbents to go!" cheerfully crows nation-wide candidate Landsberg.


With his newsworthy to many, yet rarely covered New Years Day/New Years Resolution announcement


(which is why it is important for you to hopefully pass along Write-Ins Are The New Sit-Ins via social media),

Mr. Landsberg invites thousands of you also-angry-at-both-parties American voters and citizen politicians to

join in taking back our great U.S.A. to make it a better than ever UNITED States of America. From the 1%-ers

and also from the likes of political hacks and shills, aided by many well-meaning drinkers of red and blue poison.

Because surely the time has come to take Congress back from both pockets of the 1 professional Establishment;

those who have no interest in the interests of all us Americans, but rather just the interests of their paymasters.



Does our We4Congress.US protest Write-Ins Are The New Sit-Ins campaign include you?

It does if you agree that lying and-greedy professional politicians should feel less ashamed

of themselves than we voters AND non-voters, who every cycle keep allowing ourselves to

be more and more effectively distracted & conquered and divided & conquered. Let's all

stop actively, or passively, taking Blue AND Red crap. Instead. let's start giving 'em hell.


Please send all questions,

campaign listing requests


unfettered suggestions to our

Win by Protest campaign at





Yale4Congress.com sample/model campaign...


I'm Yale. RUN with me for Congress.

Join a campaign like no other. You be

the judge of my issues and policies;

all of them to be transparently seen,

as well as voted upon one day, via

several new more fair technologies.

Help that happen! Ask me how?


...--- ...


Feel some burning after seeing WWW.GangsOfAmerica.com?

For all us independent-minded Dems, Repubs & Independents'

Write-In runs for Congress, such as http://YALE4Congress.com.

A4114A. All for One and One For All. Corny -- just like love.

Coming Soon: Postings of other free-for-all citizen campaigns